Malaysian Relief Agency’s Aidiladha programme to help needy in 14 countries

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Relief Agency (MRA) is launching the 5Best Aidiladha 1439H Qurban campaign packages to help the needy in 14 countries.

Each year, a total of 35,000 poor people benefit from MRA’s relief efforts.

MRA secretary-general Dr Shahrizal Azwan Samsudin said the agency would focus on the Best Qurban programme in several countries that were continuously threatened by conflict or in distress such as Syria, Yemen, Palestine and Bangladesh.

Each MRA Best Qurban package is launched according to the country‘s conditions.

For example, under package A, donors can contribute as little as RM350 for a share in a cow in the Arakan district of Myanmar.

MRA also welcomes participation in its aqiqah programme. Donors can contribute a minimum of RM500 for a goat.

To participate, contact MRA at 03-9174 4672/013-337 1672 or visit the Malaysian Relief Agencywww.mra.my.

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