Urgent Appeal For The Victims of The Yemeni War This Ramadhan

Campaign objective                                    Target Area                                               
Ramadhan : Food Distribution Project                  Location : Aden, Al-jawf, Taiz

Project Goal

To Give the poor and the needed people the opportunity and the chance to get the Food for Ramdan Mubark and Eid .

Yemen is right now the largest humanitarian crisis in the world, with at least 8 million people on the brink of famine.

Children are dying from starvation and sicknesses and mothers do not have any ways to feed them nor any medicine to give them. The situation right now is beyond desperate.

For the past few years, MRA (Malaysian Relief Agency ) has collaborated with international humanitarian organizations to ease the plight of those suffering from conflicts, poverty and catastrophes.

We urgently need your contribution to help the Yemenis!

The metaphor of the believers, in their mercy and compassion for each other, is that of a body. When any limb aches, the whole body reacts with sleeplessness and fever. And Allah will assist the believer as long as this believer is assisting his fellow brothers.

The war may divide borders, but let it strengthen the ties between us.
This campaign will be ongoing as the need for help is critical.


With the ongoing conflicts, the country suffers with casualties and interrupted aid services. Blockades have caused insufficient supplies to reach those that critically need them. This added to the starvation and spreading sicknesses makes the situation desperate.

Your donation will be used to help the war-torn victims in more ways than one: Food, shelter, medicine and more.

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