MRA gets almost RM300,000 aid to install solar powered water pumps in Yemen

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Relief Agency (MRA) has received almost RM300,000 from the Nusantara Community (Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore) in Oman and Muslim Brothers Malaysia to install solar-powered water pumps in Yemen.

MRA president Dr Mohd Daud Sulaiman said according to the United Nations (UN) 2017 report, 22.3 million refugees in Yemen were in need of immediate humanitarian relief, particularly basic medicine, clean water and food.

“The water pumps will be built in the Shabwah region, which is populated by thousands of refugees seeking protection.

“So far MRA has built three solar-powered water pumps in Shabwah and Taiz provinces.

“The implementation of these projects have provided clean water to almost 20,000 residents including several mosques, schools and hospitals in the affected areas.

“Humanitarian efforts have been implemented by MRA since 2015 consistently to assist the needy in Yemen with various kinds of assistance, particularly clean water supply, food and medicine,” he said.

He also said MRA fully support the efforts by Malaysia’s Defence Ministry which had decided not to allow the country’s army to engage in conflicts in Yemen.

“The humanitarian issues in Yemen as a result of civil war are really putting pressure on the people of the country.

“Our most important role is to provide humanitarian help for the war victims in Yemen through non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that are totally impartial to any political goal,” he said at a brief ceremony today.

Also present were Nusantara Community representative Muhammad Fawwaz bin Aminuddin and Muslim Brothers Malaysia representative Datuk Abdul Hamid Sh Mohamed.

MRA also calls on Malaysians to show their support to the Yemeni people through monetary contributions through the Malaysian Relief Agency Foundation.

Donations can be channeled to the ‘Malaysian Relief Agency Foundation’ via its CIMB Bank account (8600059478). Interested parties can also contact 03-91744672 for further details.

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