Malaysian Relief Agency helps Yemen’s cyclone victims

MRA president Dr Mohd Daud Sulaiman said the families from Maifa’ Mukalla refugee camp were given hygiene kits as well as basic food aid.

“Their refugee camp was destroyed in the incident and their status as domestic refugees has allowed them to be provided with early aid and MRA has become the first outsider NGO to provide them with emergency assistance,” he said in a statement.

He said MRA, together with a local NGO, the Charitable Society for Social Welfare are in the midst of identifying those facing the same problem.

“We were informed that thousands of refugees have moved from the affected areas to the temporary settlement areas while some are still living in the destroyed refugee camp.”

Yemen was one of the countries that received assistance from MRA and it was estimated that nearly 22 million people or two-thirds of the country’s population are facing severe humanitarian problems and in need of humanitarian aid, especially medicine, basic food and clean water.

MRA has been in Yemen since 2015, when the country was hit by the humanitarian crisis and among the already implemented assistance given include solar-powered water pumps, general and specialist medical services, basic food, clean water as well as education.

MRA has also launched Tabung Infaq Ramadan MRA and called on concerned Malaysians to provide support and contribution.

Donatians can be made to via its CIMB Bank account 8600059478 under the name of Malaysian Relief Agency Foundation and the foundation can be contacted at 03-9174 4672.

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